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Tunbridge Wells

Mobile Spray Tanning


What to wear


  • Wear an old, dark coloured bra or bikini top to wear whilst tanning if you do not want to tan topless.


  • Please ensure your garments are old as the tan solution will stain.

  • Disposable paper knickers and disposable hair net are provided for you to wear during your tan application. 


  • You will be asked to remove deodorant, moisturiser and foundation prior to tanning (wipes will be provided for you.)

  • Choose from 'Light 8%', 'Medium 10%', 'Dark 12%' or 'Express' Sienna X tanning solution 

  • Two coats will be sprayed for an even tan

  • Dry time: 15-20 mins for best results.  Wear a loose light weight dressing gown after your tanning appointment.

  • Developing Time 4-5 Hours ('Express' between 1-4 hours)


'A big thank you to the very talented Helena for my spray tan. I highly recommend her for this service, she was very professional and made me feel very comfortable.  I'm not very body confident but I felt totally at ease. I love my tan, it looks so natural.  I am someone who wears foundation every day but today I am foundation free, my skin looks amazing! My partner who hates that 'spray tan look' could not believe how great it looks with no streaks and  really natural.  I will be having this treatment on a regular basis.  5* Thank you Helena'.

Amy Wooden

Please click on the following for info on your pre tanning body preparation, your tanning appointment and post tanning!

'Best Tanning Brand 12 Years Running'

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